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WORD STREAM (31) The Fragrance

       The Fragrance

   What gives most pleasuresome smell?
    Variety of the  flowers in the park?
    Precious scents, that dissolve in air?
    Or any  aroma, flashing like spark?

     First few rain-drops touch the earth,
     When summer sun is burning device,
      Comes pure sweet smell from the earth,
      Mother earth smiles,do we realise?

     Old books locked in the dark shelves-
     Do we take the pain to read, or just seeing,
     Dive into the ocean of deep knowledge,
     Feel a pleasant smell- history of our being ?

    What is the most innocent fragrance we feel?
   - From the body of an infant,sacred and pure,
     What happens to this sweet divine smell ?
    Where it goes-when infant becomes mature?

                                                      (C) keshavdubey


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