word stream


WORD STREAM (32) Ocean of sound


 I am amid the ocean of sound,
 sharp noises are echoing,rebound,
mob,machines, pain, cry, and shrill,
  thunder comes, and comes around.

 Cry for God is everywhere,
- as if, He may be dumb and deaf,
 drums are beaten to call Him,
  if He listens, He has no relief.

 Warfare is silence-zone of day,
 bombs and bullets echo the sky,
 space is filled with piercing sound,
 and cry for peace is equally high.

 Joy, happiness has extreme pitch,
  life is fast and music too,
 sound frequency melts the ears,
  entertainment is universal zoo.

  In between, I get some silence-
  -in lonely dark corner of one street,
  mummer is coming from inside,
  O! this sound is my own heart-beat.

 No sound of the world is so sweet,
 if it is one's own sound-Heart-beat,
 But is there time to listen to oneself ?
  nobody is ready for the self-meet.

  I am terrified to peep inside myself,
 horror is, to listen to own heart-beat,
 facing my own self is a hard question,
Again, for ocean of sound; I run in street.


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