WORD STREAM: WORD STREAM (6) Valentine Day: WORD STREAM (6)Valentine Day ****************************** Valentine Day is a day. Don't limit it in dimension, Love cannot be d...


WORD STREAM (6) Valentine Day

WORD STREAM (6)Valentine Day
Valentine Day is a day.
Don't limit it in dimension,
Love cannot be defined,
Thing to feel, no mention.

Send gesture, no gift,
Send fragrance, no flower , 
Drop of dew, rises lily,
No rainfall, no shower.

 Be the solemn heart,
As pure as dew,
Then no need to tell lily-
"I love you".



WORD STREAM (30) Welcome New YEAR-

 WORD STREAM (30) Welcome New Year

I tried to see him in darkness,
 Shivering in cold breeze,
Opened the door at the knock-
And greeted him-'welcome please.'

He was bright new YEAR,
Who entered my dwelling- place,
The radiance of divine light,
Was shining on his face.

He promised me all heaven,
To follow him behind-
All happiness, pleasure and joy,
Golden moments, that we rewind.

Terror, hatred, grief,misery,and pain,
Calamities and sorrows of a wide range-
He assured to erase all; only one question-
“ Can yourself in YOU, will change?”

The guest had sorrowful smile on the face,
"You search me in party,balloon,drink,dance,
You pretend to enjoy,dip and merge the self,
Try to arrest moments,where,there is no chance."

"More than twenty centuries have passed,
'HIS' divine message is  simple and clear,
Have you learned the message of humanity?
-Or you add one new number every year?"

 I ignored that difficult,unsolved question,
Changing oneself? It is difficult- not a game.
"Then new year is just the change of digits-
Then old and new year - THE SAME?"
                                            (C) keshavdubey

WORD STREAM: WORD STREAM (12)Dolly's School-bus

WORD STREAM: WORD STREAM (12)Dolly's School-bus: WORD STREAM (12) Dolly's School-Bus ************************************* The school bus runs very fast, Little Dolly has a vision t...

WORD STREAM (12)Dolly's School-bus

WORD STREAM (12) Dolly's School-Bus
The school bus runs very fast,
Little Dolly has a vision to read,
Thoughts in the mind have wings,
Which run the race, in speed..

Why trees are sliding back,
Why wind is slapping the cheek,
Why Mom had broken tea-set,
When Dad's anger was at peak?

Why glass-window is tight,
Which stops the rain to come in,
Why Madam Shouts in classroom,
Why children shake like the fin?

Why home-work is daily diet,
Why addition is so negative,
Two 'minus'-quarrel like Mom-Dad,
And result into the one- positive?

Why Sunday comes so late?
To lay fragrance on the floor,
Hardly does it enter the home,
Monday knocks at the door.

Why they say you will know-
When you cross the childhood,
Am I so innocent,little babe?
Why Driver Uncle is-is, no good?

Dolly presses her head in vain,
Questions fill her mind with fuss,
Can it be-can there be-may be,
Two equal,opposite engines in the bus.

Bus, stand-still:engines- in full speed,
Her thoughts may chase the run,
Going no school,no home, nowhere,
Thoughts-race may persist a fun.

Then she may become a bird with wings,
May go up and up in endless sky..
Mom,Dad, Madam,Driver,all--'why-why?',
Bye,bye- up and up-fly --fly--and fly.
                                              (C) keshavdubey


WORD STREAM (11) Everyone has a----

Everyone has a----
(A Question)


Everyone has a child in himself,
Who sleeps in the core of heart,
Keeping the child in drowsy state,
Is the skill,magic,the human art.

Man poses- supreme, mature,
He is master of art and skill,
He climbs up, stairs in life,
World moves on, at his will.

Childish purity in heart shielded,
Childish smile slowly gets lost,
Man writes future in space,
By rubbing the script of past.

Dancing of birds,swinging of trees,
Flutter of butterfly,twinkling stars,
Chastity of soul, and inner eyes,
Turn into hatred,terror and wars. 

Violence,lust,slyness,and proud,
Man inherits, along with the age,
When he gives new meaning to life,
The inner child laughs in the cage. 

"Can you reverse the time-wheel?"
Says inner child,bent on his knees,
"-All the world is blessed to you,
But can you again get ME?"
                            (C) keshavdubey


WORD STREAM (1) An Infant To Man

WORD STREAM (1) An Infant To Man

( I wrote this poem 0n 8/5/2016.Some friends do not agree with the line, " Either He is inside,
                                                                                                                  If not,for him.nowhere."
I got inspiration to write this, from great Saint Kabir Das who said,
"---ना काबे में ,ना कासी में ,ना परबत कैलास में ,
मोको कहाँ ढूंढे बंदे ,मैँ तो तेरे पास में। "
(I am not in the places of worship,I am in your heart.)

 Image result for infant child eyes

I have two eyes,
You have two,
I have two ears,
And you have too.

You also have,
These two feet,
I lay in cradle,
You wander, in street.

I have one God,
He reflects in eyes,
You have many Gods,
-You are so wise.

My God is in my heart,
Yours is everywhere,
I live with Him,
You search, here and there.

One day,I will grow-up,
My God will take a dip,
He will vacate my heart,
-Will find a place of worship.

God lives in man's heart,
Infant,pure heart-He is there,
Either He is inside,
If not- for him, nowhere.

                                                          (C) keshavdubey