WORD STREAM (11) Everyone has a----

Everyone has a----
(A Question)


Everyone has a child in himself,
Who sleeps in the core of heart,
Keeping the child in drowsy state,
Is the skill,magic,the human art.

Man poses- supreme, mature,
He is master of art and skill,
He climbs up, stairs in life,
World moves on, at his will.

Childish purity in heart shielded,
Childish smile slowly gets lost,
Man writes future in space,
By rubbing the script of past.

Dancing of birds,swinging of trees,
Flutter of butterfly,twinkling stars,
Chastity of soul, and inner eyes,
Turn into hatred,terror and wars. 

Violence,lust,slyness,and proud,
Man inherits, along with the age,
When he gives new meaning to life,
The inner child laughs in the cage. 

"Can you reverse the time-wheel?"
Says inner child,bent on his knees,
"-All the world is blessed to you,
But can you again get ME?"
                            (C) keshavdubey


WORD STREAM (1) An Infant To Man

WORD STREAM (1) An Infant To Man

( I wrote this poem 0n 8/5/2016.Some friends do not agree with the line, " Either He is inside,
                                                                                                                  If not,for him.nowhere."
I got inspiration to write this, from great Saint Kabir Das who said,
"---ना काबे में ,ना कासी में ,ना परबत कैलास में ,
मोको कहाँ ढूंढे बंदे ,मैँ तो तेरे पास में। "
(I am not in the places of worship,I am in your heart.)

 Image result for infant child eyes

I have two eyes,
You have two,
I have two ears,
And you have too.

You also have,
These two feet,
I lay in cradle,
You wander, in street.

I have one God,
He reflects in eyes,
You have many Gods,
-You are so wise.

My God is in my heart,
Yours is everywhere,
I live with Him,
You search, here and there.

One day,I will grow-up,
My God will take a dip,
He will vacate my heart,
-Will find a place of worship.

God lives in man's heart,
Infant,pure heart-He is there,
Either He is inside,
If not- for him, nowhere.

                                                          (C) keshavdubey


WORD STREAM (19) The Headlines

                       WORD STREAM (19) The Headlines

Look at the HEADLINES,
The top-most of the day,
Probe papers,T.V.and the net,
And seek media X-ray.

State heads are meeting,
Warships have sailed,
War is the comet-head,
Peace-talks, is the tail.

Global warming is the news,
Money is floating,
Weather is freezing,
Market is boating.

Violence is usual,
Terror is routine,
Bullets are shot,
Hands, unseen.

Uncommon is common,
Every ghost is live,
It becomes headlines,
That two plus two is five.

Glamour is charm,
Poverty ,abuse.
Glamorous poverty,
Is the news.

One leader bursts,
Next one briefs,
One cuts the stem,
Other waters the leaf.

Go to hell-you say,
But no going is done,
Hell is all around,
Ready to welcome.

Headlines mobilize,
Men,women,old and lads,
Hypnotize millions,
-The lines of 'heads'.
                                         (c) keshavdubey



WORD STREAM (21) Good,Best and Best

(21) Good better and best
I see your rosy cheeks,
And your lips so mild,
I fear to touch you,
-my dear infant child.

You are my love, my life,
My mirror, and my vision,
Flying in dream horizon,
-my most colorful pigeon.

I shield you from evils,
Armor you with my arm,
I can fight the whole world,
Let misery come, in any form.

But sorry to say, babe,
With myself, I cannot fight,
I have darkened this world,
Instead of giving it light.

Future has wrapped your gift,
That is pollution, atom, and terror,
Beauty is beautifully killed,
And we all pretend-not our error.

My babe,I am the 'man',
The man,who was one time,a child,
Rainbow was then color of world,
How I turned to be so wild/?

We all, who blame each other,
Were one time, babes, in our nest,
-Had seen a vision of this world,
To be- good;better; and best
****original poetry


(30) Welcome New YEAR-


I tried to see him in darkness,
 Shivering in cold breeze,
Opened the door at the knock-
And greeted him-'welcome please'

He was bright new YEAR,
Who entered my dwelling- place,
The radiance of divine light,
Was shining on his face.

He promised me all heaven,
To follow him behind-
All happiness, pleasure and joy,
Golden moments, that I rewind.

Terror, hatred, grief, and sorrow,
Calamities and sorrows of a wide range-
He assured to rub- off; only one question-
“ Can yourself in YOU, will change?”

"More than twenty centuries have passed,
His divine message was  simple and clear,
Have you learned that message of humanity?
You only add one new number every year.".

 I ignored that difficult, silly question,
Changing oneself? it is not a game,
Then new year is just the change of digits-
Is old and new year - THE SAME?


WORD STREAM(29) Terrorism

I am standing here,
In this crowded street,
Lot of rush and noise persist,
I am firm on my feet.

Everything seems to be safe,
Except the human life,
An incident may darken the scene,
Only spare the ‘news’-to survive.

Terror has become the part of life,
By no means-anybody can ban,
Men can come over all evils,
But man cannot escape-man.

I see terror by face,
It looks as common as me,
Then what poison melts inside,
How anybody can kill me?

An unknown device may explode,
Shower of bullets may burst,
Always expect the unexpected,
Terrorism targets, from last to first.

Terror is mixed in air,
Terror is in the heart,
Innocents are the target,
Killing is the fine art.

Let me forget all this,
Nightmare is still in queue,
I am quite well here,
And I hope the same to you.

Let me hope to see a new dawn,
When innocent facing  barrel of gun
Will bent it,turn it, with full force,
To target the terror,to make it run.




(28)Most Obedient

Man is most obedient,
When he locks his mind,
He stores the orders,
To faithfully, rewind.

It is easy to shut,
The mouth, eye, and ear,
To surrender the ‘self’,
And live without fear.

                                                               Like few pet animals,
Who dance on master’s tune,
Get bread and butter reward,
In the long chain, of- fortune.

Meaning of self-esteem,
They do not know,
Who yield to super power,
Through corridor of life-they go.

Super powers innovate,
The regimentation of thoughts,
Mental slaves never say,
The ‘how’, ‘why’ and ‘what’!

This silent slavery ,
May one day bounce,
Clones may replace man,
To act as clowns.