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WORD STREAM (30) Welcome,New Year

 WORD STREAM (30) Welcome, New Year


I tried to see him in darkness,
 Shivering in cold breeze,
Opened the door at the knock-
And greeted him-'welcome please.'

He was bright new YEAR,
Who entered my dwelling- place,
The radiance of divine light,
Was shining on his face.

He promised me all heaven,
To follow him behind-
All happiness, pleasure and joy,
Golden moments, that we rewind.

Terror, hatred, grief,misery,and pain,
Calamities and sorrows of a wide range-
He assured to erase all; only one question-
“ Can yourself in YOU, will change?”

The guest had sorrowful smile on the face,
"You search me in party,balloon,drink,dance,
You pretend to enjoy,dip and merge the self,
Try to arrest moments,without any chance."

"More than twenty centuries have passed,
'HIS' divine message is  simple and clear,
Have you learned the message of humanity?
-Or you add one new number every year?"

 I ignored that difficult,unsolved question,
Changing oneself? too difficult- not a game.
"Then new year is just the change of digits-
Then old and new year is THE SAME?"

                                            (C) keshavdubey
                                                  31-12-2016. (Repeated)      

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