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WORD STREAM (1) An Infant To Man

WORD STREAM (1) An Infant To Man

( I wrote this poem 0n 8/5/2016.Some friends do not agree with the line, " Either He is inside,
                                                                                                                  If not,for him.nowhere."
I got inspiration to write this, from great Saint Kabir Das who said,
"---ना काबे में ,ना कासी में ,ना परबत कैलास में ,
मोको कहाँ ढूंढे बंदे ,मैँ तो तेरे पास में। "
(I am not in the places of worship,I am in your heart.)

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I have two eyes,
You have two,
I have two ears,
And you have too.

You also have,
These two feet,
I lay in cradle,
You wander, in street.

I have one God,
He reflects in eyes,
You have many Gods,
-You are so wise.

My God is in my heart,
Yours is everywhere,
I live with Him,
You search, here and there.

One day,I will grow-up,
My God will take a dip,
He will vacate my heart,
-Will find a place of worship.

God lives in man's heart,
Infant,pure heart-He is there,
Either He is inside,
If not- for him, nowhere.

                                                          (C) keshavdubey

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