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WORD STREAM (19) The Headlines

                       WORD STREAM (19) The Headlines

Look at the HEADLINES,
The top-most of the day,
Probe papers,T.V.and the net,
And seek media X-ray.

State heads are meeting,
Warships have sailed,
War is the comet-head,
Peace-talks, is the tail.

Global warming is the news,
Money is floating,
Weather is freezing,
Market is boating.

Violence is usual,
Terror is routine,
Bullets are shot,
Hands, unseen.

Uncommon is common,
Every ghost is live,
It becomes headlines,
That two plus two is five.

Glamour is charm,
Poverty ,abuse.
Glamorous poverty,
Is the news.

One leader bursts,
Next one briefs,
One cuts the stem,
Other waters the leaf.

Go to hell-you say,
But no going is done,
Hell is all around,
Ready to welcome.

Headlines mobilize,
Men,women,old and lads,
Hypnotize millions,
-The lines of 'heads'.
                                         (c) keshavdubey


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