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WORD STREAM (21) Good,Best and Best

(21) Good better and best
I see your rosy cheeks,
And your lips so mild,
I fear to touch you,
-my dear infant child.

You are my love, my life,
My mirror, and my vision,
Flying in dream horizon,
-my most colorful pigeon.

I shield you from evils,
Armor you with my arm,
I can fight the whole world,
Let misery come, in any form.

But sorry to say, babe,
With myself, I cannot fight,
I have darkened this world,
Instead of giving it light.

Future has wrapped your gift,
That is pollution, atom, and terror,
Beauty is beautifully killed,
And we all pretend-not our error.

My babe,I am the 'man',
The man,who was one time,a child,
Rainbow was then color of world,
How I turned to be so wild/?

We all, who blame each other,
Were one time, babes, in our nest,
-Had seen a vision of this world,
To be- good;better; and best
****original poetry

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