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WORD STREAM(29) Terrorism

I am standing here,
In this crowded street,
Lot of rush and noise persist,
I am firm on my feet.

Everything seems to be safe,
Except the human life,
An incident may darken the scene,
Only spare the ‘news’-to survive.

Terror has become the part of life,
By no means-anybody can ban,
Men can come over all evils,
But man cannot escape-man.

I see terror by face,
It looks as common as me,
Then what poison melts inside,
How anybody can kill me?

An unknown device may explode,
Shower of bullets may burst,
Always expect the unexpected,
Terrorism targets, from last to first.

Terror is mixed in air,
Terror is in the heart,
Innocents are the target,
Killing is the fine art.

Let me forget all this,
Nightmare is still in queue,
I am quite well here,
And I hope the same to you.

Let me hope to see a new dawn,
When innocent facing  barrel of gun
Will bent it,turn it, with full force,
To target the terror,to make it run.



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