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WORD STREAM (11) Everyone has a----

Everyone has a----
(A Question)


Everyone has a child in himself,
Who sleeps in the core of heart,
Keeping the child in drowsy state,
Is the skill,magic,the human art.

Man poses- supreme, mature,
He is master of art and skill,
He climbs up, stairs in life,
World moves on, at his will.

Childish purity in heart shielded,
Childish smile slowly gets lost,
Man writes future in space,
By rubbing the script of past.

Dancing of birds,swinging of trees,
Flutter of butterfly,twinkling stars,
Chastity of soul, and inner eyes,
Turn into hatred,terror and wars. 

Violence,lust,slyness,and proud,
Man inherits, along with the age,
When he gives new meaning to life,
The inner child laughs in the cage. 

"Can you reverse the time-wheel?"
Says inner child,bent on his knees,
"-All the world is blessed to you,
But can you again get ME?"
                            (C) keshavdubey


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