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(25)The story of story

Stories had the same start-
“Once upon a time”
And that concluded the same,
A hero-worship rhyme.

The stories had legends,
Queens and kings,
They were honest, corrupt, fighters,
Devils, spirits, and angles on wings.

Meaning of story has changed,
Story was pure imagination,
Now, in the hands of journalist,
Is a weapon to create sensation.

Now story is a colorful picture,
Told with sensational rolls,
Be cautious-if it is ‘real’,
Reality and story are opposite poles.

Media plays with the words,
They hypnotize the mass,
Through the hole of a needle,
They can make the elephant pass.

Abstract is filled in material body,
You find the ready-made heroes,
A moment’s flash-and nobody knows,
How they come, and where they go.

It gets high ranking,
If story has scandal and glory,
Murder, rape, gossip make,
The modern- ‘story of story’.

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