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(26) Money Plant

Money Plant

It was the precious root,
Of a real MONEY-PLANT,
I planted it in my yard,
Safest place, of my haunt.

I took utmost care,
To safeguard the same,
It soon began to grow,
And then the result came.

Tiny plant became a tree,
Actual money poured out,
Coins, notes, currency, bills,
Money in all forms-stout.

Oh! But what this happened?
The tree was inclined, above all,
I was to water the root,
Branches crossed the boundary-wall.

My neighbor collected the fruits,
Money- plant was really funny,
Plant was no doubt, mine,
But others enjoyed the money.

Money is money, a solid fact,
It is not a work of art,
I set aside all great thoughts,
And cut the plant, with heavy heart.

I offered the root in charming pack,
To my neighbor- smiling wide,
To grow the same, with hard labor,
So that; fruits may come to my side.

                                                                    keshavdubey: 16-7-2007