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WORD STREAM (24) The Wonderful Bombay

WORD STREAM (24)  The Wonderful Bombay

Dreams of rising buds,
Youth, with vigor and gay,
Struggle for vent-despair and distress,
All melted together; coin Bombay.

 A city crowded with mob,
Of all color, creed, and age,
 Perceive- peak of liberal idols,
And crest of human bondage.

City rushes with jet speed,
Never sleeps in night,
People rise in blind dark,
And fall in day-light.

No terror kills the spirit,
No blast stops Metro,
This giant roller crushes flat,
Any poison trying to grow.

People are unknown to each-other,
Loneliness exists in crowded city,
Faces seem faceless here,
But Bombay has top identity

Sun rises in the sand
 Heroes welcome,greet,
Sun sinks behind towers,
Zeros, clash in street..

It stretches arms to welcome all,
There is firm soil, under the feet,
Open sky is above the head,
Rest; Bombay is ready to greet.

Any person who comes here,
To struggle for roof, and shelter,
Gets the matching color soon,
And becomes, branded-‘Mumbaikar’

It is one axis of world trade,
One time, it was national passion,
This soil  exported Mohandas ,
And imported our Father of Nation.. 

No unique city is found,
Away; from this city apart,
Certainly, the city- dwellers,
Have imprint of Bombay, in heart
                                        (C) keshavdubey