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(15) I Am Helpless Dad

I am helpless, Dad

Daddy I am super most,
When I come first,
If someone is above me,
Your anger may burst.

You examine my progress card,
With all possible discreet,
May I see, only once,
Your old mark-sheet?

I must be polite,
Should have good manners-
By seeing the parents quarrel,
With their ego- banners?

I must go to sleep,
Sharply at ten forty,
I don’t see your return,
From the cocktail party.

You enjoy as you like,
Your tricks are always new,
You ignore my presence,
But I always see you.

Life of great men-
I read what they said,
But you are my idol,
I am helpless Dad!

You preach me by saying,
Early to bed and early to rise-
What latest rule is; to be,
‘Healthy, wealthy, and wise’?