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(13)The Happiest Man

WORD STREAM (13) The Happiest Man

He was blessed with fortune,
All happiness knocked at his door,
Grief, sorrow, pain, and tension,
Darkness in his life was no more.

All his wishes were fulfilled,
He dwelt in the castle of wealth,
Beauty, love, power, and respect,
The divine favour and sound health.

                                                      While all virtues lay on his feet,
One day, he prayed with pure heart,
O God! bless me happiness for ever,
Let the chronicle of Time be stopped.

There may not be any future,
And no dark past- to repent,
My grand life be stand-still,
No lead or lag- but only present.

Then a rare incident happened,
His humble prayer was granted,
Among his happiness, the Time stopped;
To comply with his will; as he wanted.

He is still amid the eternal joy,
Reflecting brightest phase of life,
People come to see this unique man,
Who stopped the Time to survive.

People call him a master piece,
Who claimed rise; and no fall,
He tried to check the wheel of time,
His portrait is hanging on the wall.
                                                  = keshavdubey=
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