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WORD STREAM(9) Can We Laugh ?

          WORD STREAM (9)Can We Laugh ?
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Laugh is the unique instinct,
That Nature has gifted to man,
No other creature can think of,
But man laughs without ban.

People laugh in the package of joy,
In happiness and merriment,
Hilarity opens the mouth's gate,
              Package of pleasure flows out of vent.

Laughter is declared good for health,
This natural gift is now a device,
The expert trainers teach in the club,
Paid laughing has become exercise.

People laugh at human follies,
Others' distress is their concern,
When lips tender, balm of words,
Secretly, they laugh, turn by turn.

Killing, slaughter , massacre, and terror,
All are condemned by mankind,
Away,from crowd of crying mass,
At opposite end,laughter, we find.

When we stand opposite to mirror,
And see our own charming graph,
Can we judge the person inside,
At our own SELF, can we laugh?
                                                          (C) keshavdubey

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