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(16)The Border Is Intact

The Border Is Intact

 In this hilly village,
I lived as a child,
With the passage of time,
Village has become wild.

I visit here again,
After a long phase,
Upon the heap of years,
Is piled, the bundle of age.

It is the same rock,
My place of fun and game,
On it, with childish urge,
I had engraved my name.

The border of flat stone,
Had shaped the frame,
In zigzag letters,
Was written my name.

With long passage of time,
Nature has faded the name,.
Now, I see tarnished surface,
Where words have become lame.

Years and years have passed,
Life has traveled  in between,
Most letters are rubbed off,
Hardly faint 'k' is seen.

On the inscribed script,
Many cracks are seen,
Rustic grass has grown,
Scattered; in- between.

Time will erase my full name,
The border remaining intact,
Next name will replace mine,
This is the eternal fact.

One day,one child will come,
Will dig his name here,
Will clap hands, with divine joy,
Eternal truth is very clear.
            (C) keshavdubey


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