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Word Stream(33) In My Hell

In My Hell

I prayed to God,my solemn soul,
called Him in darkness of night,
Worship and devotion was my goal,
Depth of meditation,in spirit of flight.

All my prayer was to submit -
One ray of Light is much more-
Kindly come to my heart-
Come--come,do not ignore.

I called Him-all sacred places,
Whenever,wherever I went,
All paths that lead to Him-
My prayer was ardently sent.

Then one day He called me,
My son-I remember you,
Your cry, love ,  devotion,
Can parallel, only a few.

How can I forget my Creation,
How can I forget thee?
Come,welcome you in Heaven.
Come here,you can see.

I screamed-O God, I call,
But no call-back please,
On this earth-I am quite well,
No call-I am here at full ease.

Kindly be in your Heaven,
With all Your Might-I tell,
And let me live long--long,
 Long life in my earthly hell.
                                           (C) keshavdubey

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