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WORD STREAM (14) Cost of happiness



 I am glad to attend this party,
 It is in full swing, with merriment, 
  All are dancing and shouting,
Climax of hilarity is present.

People pretend to be happy,
The whole circle, as they seek,
They are happier in advance,
And become happiest, at the peak.

I feel all this is a magic,
Which is live- show, to perform,
All are acting till drop-scene,
To exhibit, the maximum charm.

My' happiness' be the top most,
If it lags; it is a curse,
This happiness is meaningless,
Unless, I compare it with others.

I pay for happiness, to buy the same,
Spending the money is no trouble,
If this happiness is a thousand deal,
The two thousands, may earn the double.

With the bundle of happiness, I come out,
It is raining, in the darkness of night,
A poor boy is dancing on the road,
Mud-clad, bare naked, shining bright,

His dance? no rhythm, no steps no sense,
He is playing with an old rustic flute,
 My happiness is with respect to others,
But his innocent happiness is absolute.

I spread my arms to acquire happiness,
As if-it is any technique,any magic,any art,
I wander here and there to find the same,
I forget- happiness lives in the core of heart. 
                                               (C) keshavdubey 

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