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(---Once, once only,
Give me courage to say -NO SIR.)

I do not apply my reason,
Here logic is to err,
Simply close the eyes and mind,
And always say –yes sir.

Known as short cut to success,
A square to lift the life,
Where four directions open,
This is number five.

I flow with the current,
In the river full of fog,
And float on the wave,
Like an inert log.

Instant success is my aim,
I am afraid to fall,
Neglecting the will and logic,
I shake head- that’s all.

Can I swim against the flow?
Can I dare to say “NO”?
Can I stand across tide?
Or, bow down and - let it go?

Worshiped are those, who say-no,
For the cause of their mission,
All yes-men are living toys,
Dancing puppets; of exhibition.

Am I always, gone with the wind?
Am I weather-cock,floating fur?
Once-once only -O,SELF- in me-
Give me courage to say- NO SIR.
               (C) keshavdubey*

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