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WORD STREAM (31) Terror

Word Stream (31) Terror

Terror is terror,
Give it hundred names.
-betrays mother's womb,
plays wild games.

Love is emotion,
Love is devotion,
Murder of love ?
Is terror-notion.

There is prayer and worship,
There is a bomb-blast,
Mad man-sends package to heaven,
And imports hell at last.

Mad man's animal-instinct,
A pitiable,brain-wash slave,
Blind,primitive creature,
Enters the terror-cave.

Eternal long path is,
''LOVE"- written on wall,
And short-cut?
Kill. Eliminate all.

Terror is no '-ism',
-A destruction cult,
Abuse to humanity,
CREATOR'S insult.
        ( C ) keshavdubey

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