word stream


Life dwells between two extremes,
Both hanging upon balanced beam,
One is the reality of life,.
The other is, world of dreams.

Man sees numerous visions
All are colorful and bright,
Some come to him in sleep
And day-dreams, in day-light.

Dream pushes him on the rock,
Made-up of gold bricks,
All power comes to him,
His overall authority is fixed.

Dreams of colorful world,
Beloved in the arms,  
If she is yet to come,
Beauty in visionary forms.

His dream is to fly on wings,
Not to delight like birds,
But to conquer the world,
To make them obey his words.

Dream makes the moon, a, bread,
And the sun, a coin in hand,
When man starves with hunger,
Stars drop the dew on sand.

All visions are not visualized,
Dreams hardly touch reality factor,
When lot of dreams are still pending,
The eternal sleep, closes the chapter. 

Close the eyes , enjoy them,
Super gift of SUPREME,
Two in one-package of life,
Shadow of self is, dream.
                     (C) keshavdubey


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