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word stream (7) Nature The Child

WORD STREAM (7) Nature,The Child

 A child plays with the
 Without any meaning or sense,
 Nature plays with the cr
  And totally ignores our presence
The child pats the doll with love,
 Or throws it by the side,
 Nature keeps us on the lap,
 Or rolls us away with stride.

 Doll is the means for infant-
 To keep him busy in game,
 Man is the puppet of nature,
 To play, and throw the same.

 Why child is angry; nobody knows,
  He scatters the toys on the floor,
 When nature is furious, with cruel hands,
 Traps the man ,and closes the door

 .Next moment,the child is pleased'
  Charming smile is on his lips,
 Nature also shows the happiness,
  Rainbow reflects the divine dip.  
Nature is free to show his will,
  He is neither kind, nor wild,
  He is innocent, without sense,
 Nature is the infant child.

 Nature and child both reflect, supreme Will,
 Of an invisible power,of supreme Hands,
 Call him, God,Almighty,or any Name
 Beyond definition,His existence stands.
                                                       (C) keshavdubey
                                                         http::// keshavdubey.blogspot.com


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