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(23)Beyond Existence

(23)Beyond Existence
He was full of excitement,
His heart was beating fast,
Spending fifty years on a foreign land,
He was reaching his village ,at last.

He had past memory of his village,
When he was young boy of ten,
He still had a vision in his eyes,
Of that place, as it was then.

Narrow lanes, and thorny bushes,
Endless fields, fragrance of land,
Round shouldered huts, zigzag fence,
Neighboring river, and knocking sand.

Crop as regiment, standing high,
Greenery laid on the bed of soil,
Tough farmers, with rigid figures,
Fighting their fate, in turmoil.

When he reached his native place,
He was shocked, with series of quakes,
His vision,his village,his dreamland,
Had turned, into an industrial -complex.

His village did not exist any more,
Dreamland was not there to define,
There was a sign- board flashing,
“National Highway Twenty- Nine.”

Highway joins the giant metros,
To bridge the new age, by presence,
A tiny river dies beneath the bridge,
To become memory; beyond existence.