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(22) Welcome to circus

Welcome to this circus,
It is free of cost,
All are guests here,
Everyone is host.

See these poor creatures,
Playing the lion’s role,
Out crying the master’s voice,
Tamed, from head to sole

                                                            A man lashes the pets,
Who merrily play the tricks,
They surrender, and learn,
That heaven is behind bricks.

See that colorful man,
Begging your faith and vote,
Swinging above, on the roof,
To vanish, without a note.

This is rope trick,
Balancing oneself in air,
Any moment he seems to fall,
But for five years, glued there.

Here, see one magic,
A girl in gown, so dirty,
She disappears next moment,
Her name is POVERTY..

Finally, enter the circus-jokers,
Who waive mirrors-high and low,
People laugh, and laugh, and laugh,
With “THE END”-starts, second show.