word stream



School-bus runs very fast,
Little Dolly has a vision to read,
Thoughts in her mind have wings,
Which run the race with speed.

Why trees are sliding back,
Why wind is slapping the cheek,
Why Mom had broken the tea-set,
When Dad’s anger was at peak?    

Why the glass window is tight-,
Which stops the rain, to come in?
Why Madam shouts in class-room,
Why children shake like fin?

Why home-work is daily diet?
Why addition is so negative?
Two “minus” quarrel like Mom-Dad,
And result into the affirmative.

Why Sunday comes so late,
And lays fragrance on the floor,
Hardly does it enter the home,
Monday knocks at the door.

Dolly presses her head in vain,
The last question fills her with fuss,
Can it be- can there be,
Two opposite engines in the bus?