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(2) Child Is The----------

It was his son’s sixth birthday,
All were enjoying the occasion,
His gift should be unique-he thought,
His heart filled up with passion.

He recollected his own childhood,
When his age was the same-six,
His father had given him a book,
This was an old book of ethics.

The book mentioned the golden rules,
To be followed in the life,
Honesty, truth, kindness, and love,
To shield from vices, and survive.

He took out that book from a box,
A flash in his mind just came,
Now, does he follow one single ethic?
No, but children must follow them.

He offered the book to his son,
With all fatherly love and affection,
“My son, this is golden gift for you,
Read this book, read every section”.

He became busy to welcome guests,
To his son, he could pay no attention,
Suddenly, he was shocked to see,
And reached the climax of tension.

The boy was chatting and laughing,
With mates, girls, and next to kin,
Was opening new gift wrappers,
Had passed the book in the dust-bin,

At the peak of anger, he stopped,
An instant thought gave him a new look,
Moral values in books, can not be taught,
Unless life itself becomes the open book.

Child has wider vision than we think,
You can suppress his mind, but cannot ban,
An old saying is there, which tells,
That child is the father of man.