word stream



A rain drop rests on a leaf,
Dances on the tune of sun-ray,
And stains the beam kissing it,
At dawn, of a rainy day                               

The night is slowly departing,
Rainbow gives it a farewell,
Seven colors shield the drop,
Not to touch it, not to tell.

Violet gives it the strength,
Indigo feeds the courage,
Blue creates the valor,
Which fills it with rage.

Green gives the notion of love,
Yellow pacifies the tension,
Orange makes it to jump,
Red fills the drop with passion.

The drop is laying idle,
Rainbow gives it a life,
It breaths with vigor,
And turns fully alive.

Then it rolls from the leaf,
Color strings try to check and revive,
Alas! Colors are faded at once,
It drops down with a dive.

Rainbow colors come in life,
Like the hide and seek game,
The time-wheel moves intact,
Eternal white beam fades the same.